Thierry Vanroy in English

I have made this page for those who do not speak Dutch and have found their way to my website.

I am a Belgian political writer, public speaker and activist.  I am also a web designer, financial consultant and e-marketing expert.  I am known for spreading controversial ideas which go against the Western status quo. Through current events and economic analysis, I propose a future of Eurasian geopolitics, Traditionalist reconciliation and economic freedom to those who would otherwise remain oblivious to what can be called ‘The Empire.’

My personal blog has evolved to mostly being consecrated to my work in reconciling the world of resistance with the world of Tradition, with a focus on Islam. I am not a Muslim myself, mind you, nor do I want to speak in their name as so many secular politicians afford themselves. Instead, I encourage Muslims to stand up for themselves and I have found it an interesting niche to work at in Dutch.

Malcolm Gladwell talks in his book ‘Outliers’ about how it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert in something. Without having the pretense of calling myself an expert, I can affirm that I have spent at least 10,000 hours on forming a holistic view of the world. I feel particularly comfortable on the matter of geopolitics and finance.

My work is mostly in Dutch, but I do write from time to time for websites such as Riding The Tiger. I am also available for guest columns and I have experience with media appearances on podcasts and live streaming.

You can contact me via my social profiles or through the contact form which you can find here.


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